So you keep hearing the word “mud cloth”. But what is it?? Let me break it down for you…

Traditionally, these textiles are called bogolanfinis. BOGO meaning “earth” or “mud”, LAN meaning “with” and FINI meaning “cloth”. Hence why we call them mud cloths!

Mu Cloth textile

These textiles hail from Mali, Africa. Unlike most traditional textiles, these are actually woven by men. After being woven, the cloth is then dyed by the women of the village and the pieces are sewn together to form larger textiles. The dying process is a tedious one with multiple steps of dying and painting with fermented mud from river beds.

The traditional motifs that are used are rich with stories of love and war. Villagers wore these as camouflage when hunting or during childbirth to ward off bad spirits.

Mud cloth bedroom

Although these textiles have deep routed cultural meaning they are appearing in modern day interior design including pillows, throws, (check out the end of my bed!) and wall hangings. Mud cloths are an great way to add a neutral global flare to any room. Simply lay across a couch for a African touch or get crafty and make into your own pillows. The versatility and neutral palette makes these a must-have.

Mud Cloth Pillow

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